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Treatments and prices 2018



Relaxation Massage $45,000 (50 min)

Surrender your body, mind, and spirit for a moment of relaxation with aromatherapy and Chinese massage techniques that go beyond the merely physical.

Complete the session by treating your feet to comforting and pleasing exfoliation and massage.


Deep Tissue Massage $45,000 (50 min)

A moment of therapy for your stiff and tired body. A deeper, faster, and more intense massage with oil.


Hot Stone Massage $45,000 (50 min)

A stress-relieving massage with oil and hot volcanic stones that envelop the body in penetrating heat to relax the muscles quickly and directly.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage $45,000

(50 min)

Helps remove toxins and excess fluids, ideal for people with edema or sedentary lifestyles as well as pregnant women. Treatment with skin-nourishing cream and body hydration.


Foot Reflexology $35,000 (45 min)

A therapeutic massage based on placing pressure on different points on the feet connected to specific organs of the body as a means of treating physical pain and providing relaxation. Ends with an exfoliation.


Facial Treatments


Facial Cleansing $56,000 (80 min)

Evaluation of skin type to define the ideal treatment (hydration, anti-aging or purifying).

Includes cleansing with ozone vapor, pore extraction, high frequency treatment, and roll & lift massage.


Royal Jelly Treatment $55,000 (60 min)

Nourishing honey-based shock treatment for all skin types.

Regenerative Treatment $61,000 (60 min)

Treatment for stressed skin that has lost its natural ability to protect against the environmental aggressors. Nourishes, protects and regenerates. Recommended for mature skin.


Facial Hydration $52,000 (60 min)

Intense hydration with hyaluronic acid for all skin types.


Facial Cleansing for Men $56,000 (80 min).

Nourishing, hydrating vitamin-C-based treatment for all skin types.

Body Treatments 

Body Beauty Infusion $67,000 (80 min)

Body treatment for draining and reducing with a firming effect.