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Treatments and prices 2018



Relaxation Massage $50.000 (50 min)

Surrender your body, mind, and spirit for a moment of relaxation with aromatherapy and Chinese massage techniques that go beyond the merely physical.

Complete the session by treating your feet to comforting and pleasing exfoliation and massage.

Deep Tissue Massage $50.000 (50 min)

A moment of therapy for your stiff and tired body. A deeper, faster, and more intense massage with oil.

Hot Stone Massage $50.000 (50 min)

A stress-relieving massage with oil and hot volcanic stones that envelop the body in penetrating heat to relax the muscles quickly and directly.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage $50.000 (50 min)

Helps remove toxins and excess fluids, ideal for people with edema or sedentary lifestyles as well as pregnant women. Treatment with skin-nourishing cream and body hydration.


Facial Cleansing $56.000 (80 min)

Evaluation of skin type to define the ideal treatment (hydration, anti-aging or purifying). Includes cleansing with ozone vapor, pore extraction, high frequency treatment, and roll & lift massage.

Facial Revitalization $62.000 (80 min)

Facial treatment of powerful antioxidant action that give you firmness and elasticity, improving the color, brightness and hydration of the skin.

Regenerative Treatment $62.000 (80 min) Treatment for stressed skin that has lost its natural ability to protect against the environmental aggressors. Nourishes, protects and regenerates. Recommended for mature skin.

Facial Hydration $56.000 (80 min)

Intense hydration with hyaluronic acid for all skin types.


In a natural environment it is essential to connect with the resources that nature provides, that is why we have created this menu with complementary therapies using noble resources that nature provides us, with alternative medicine tools that bring us closer to our inner being.

Facial Detox $56.000 (80 min)
Purifying and cellular detoxifying treatment, free of parabens and not tested on animals.

Reiki $50.000 (45 min)
Armonización y sanación basada en la canalización de energía vital universal a través de la imposición de manos. Utilizando cristales de cuarzo, como medio de canalización energética desde la madre tierra, junto a la energía reiki.

Reiki $50.000 (45 min)
Harmonization and healing based on universal vital energy through the imposition of hands. Using quartz crystals, as a means of energetic channeling of mother earth, together with reiki energy.

Foot Reflexology $50.000 (45 min)
Therapeutic massage based on pressuring different points connected to the organs of the body, which can treat several common diseases and discomfort (sleep disorders, headaches, migraines, anxiety and stress). Finishes with an exfoliation.

Integral Yoga $15.000 (60 min)
Yoga for everyone! A complete practice where you will live an experience of unique connection with your body, mind and spirit through pranayamas, asanas and meditation