Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a hotel made by people, our service is delivered by people and our public are people.

Hotel AWA has a deep conviction that it is the role of the whole society to take charge and support institutions and foundations whose purpose is the same. Human, social and cultural development.

For this reason we have decided to support the following foundations:

Conservatorio de Música y Bellas Artes del Sur, COMBAS. Non-profit organization that promotes artistic and musical development in the district of Puerto Varas.


Supply chain

Not only does it matter to know and improve the practices that one performs as a company or organization, it is equally important to know and choose suppliers according to their social and environmental practices.

Hotel AWA looks for suppliers of varied fields according to the following criteria:

- Localism: products that are made as close as possible to Km 0 with local labor.

- Responsible companies: we look for suppliers that share our way of understanding the world and doing business.

- Environmental commitment: suppliers that have practices that are aware of the environment and environment.


Certification process B Lab

Since December 2017 we are in an accessory process with the VeoMas and Almaciguera consultants to become the first B-certified hotel in South America.

During this process we have reviewed all of our internal processes and how we relate to our community and providers. It has been an enriching process that has allowed us to better map our roadmap and the type of hotel we want to be in the future. Hotel AWA to become a benchmark company in issues related to environmental and social responsibility. We hope that within the next months we can carry the company logo B.