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Flying Pumalín Park - Corcovado Volcano, Chaitén and Michimahuida

Length of the activity: 7 hours
Total flight time: 3-4 hours
Airplane capacity: Maximum 3 people
Activities: Overflight through Pumalin private park, Corcovado Volcano, Michimahuida and Chaiten - Stopping in unknown lake

Patagonia evoques an Idyl of wilderness, remoteness and solitude, getting away from the crowd and accessing untouched places that are not accessible by road or trails.

If you are interested in wilderness, conservation and the creation on National Parks by the Tompkins Conservation, then this is a must.

The aircraft is a Cessna 206 with floats, the pilot is Rodrigo Noriega, Doug and Kris Tomkins personal pilot for over 25 years, the journey combines dramatical views of the landscape from above and the storytelling by Rodrigo Noriega, explaining of the territory and the wilderness of the Patagonian Fjords of Pumalin witch haunted a visionary man as Tomkins to create this Park and then donate it to the Chilean Government for the creation of what appeals to be the most impressive National Park in Chile.

The flight begins at our dock in AWA, taking of from the llanquihue lake towards the Osorno volcano, with views of the Punteagudo and Calbuco volcanoes, heading south towards Leptepu Fjord where Pumalin Park begins, Cahuelmo, Quintupeu and Vodudahue are the following fjords to be crossed, flying over Iconic ranches as Pillan and Reñihue where the headquarters of the Pumalin Proyect used to be, now both farms driving environmental projects by private foundations.
The destination is Lago Negro in Parque Puamliun, where water landing is the only access, here on a small beach at the out take of the Lake, a Chease and wine will be served with what probably is the most acknowledged wine of Chile, AlmaViva, meaning living soul, a salute will be done to honor Douglas Tomkins as gratitud for his magnificent.

The return back to AWA is through the pacific coast, on what is renowned as continental Chiloe, flying over ocean, islands and estuary, allowing the beholder to understand how this part of the world was created throw the pass of the ice age.

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