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+56 65 229 2020, 08:00 - 23:00
+56 65 229 2020, 08:00 - 23:00


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The spa concept was designed by Gabriela Vallejos, who based the experience in the five elements present in nature, so that they flow harmonically in our body, always enhancing water in all its magnificence.

Our Spa offers a unique and comfortable experience; wood scent and citrus sweet will offer a real relaxation; this will help to find the perfect balance between body and mind.

The Spa is based in the fluency of this elements in nature and in our body, emphasizing the presence of water, noble element that we have in our physical essence.

  • Water: Lake and rain
  • Fire: Volcano force
  • Earth: Nature
  • Wood: Groves
  • Metal: Minerals present in the zone

The spa has 2.400 square feet, and its equiped with a double massage cabin, a semi Olympic heated pool with 2 lanes, sauna, hamman and whirlpool.

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