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My name is Oscar Bermudes, born and raised in Santiago Chile. Today, I am in charge of AWA´s kitchen – but I was supposed to be an architect…

I consider myself very lucky, I do what makes me happy. I enjoy gastronomy in all it´s perspectives. The fact that we can play with modern techniques, amazing local produce without loosing identity makes me proud.

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As I said, I was supposed to be an architect and after two years of university I realized it was not my thing. I took a little break and started working part-time in restaurants as waitstaff and kitchen help, I noticed I was good at it. Thus, I went back to the books and studied gastronomy in the Culinary school in Santiago.

After finishing my degree I worked in different hotels and restaurants in Santiago. I was sous-chef of Puerto Fuy – which was for a period of time number one in Chile for seafood. I was Chef in Pinpilinpausha, and later Executive Chef for the Grupo Manka having 6 restaurants in Chile.

Every decision taken has shaped me as a person and as a professional. I learned from Architecture, shapes, forms, design and balance. I learned something from every kitchen; techniques, ingredients, food history and most important of all how to transmit passion to new professionals.