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We Recreate a Concept

We do not Imitate a Style

  • 02 Exterior Schueco

We recreate a concept—we do not imitate a style. Our contemporary architecture uses local materials and draws on typical elements of the region.

The hotel architecture incorporates contemporary concepts and techniques with the local identity and culture while respecting its environment

  • 01 Exterior Schueco

This is why the concrete at sight enhances nature and does not compete with it, yet its interior has been filled with tipical local elements, all this to give our guests a warm atmosphere in this unique place in Southern Chile. Materials like Laja Stone, Volcanic  Stone y Ciprés from the Guaitecas Island, fill with life and stories the hotel´s facilities.

  • 0Escalera Lobby Construccion

It is important to highlight the valuable presence of modern art and traditional local craft where mapuche looms and other modern pieces, show this perfect combination and interesting proposal. It is worth mentioning that the entire project and finishes, have been oriented towards sustainability and energy efficiency.